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About CSA Booster (CSAb)

We are a flagship initiative of Climate-KIC’s SLU programme

CSA Booster (CSAb) is Europe’s leading knowledge and innovation hub pioneering the transition to climate-smart agriculture, forestry and food across Europe, and around the world.  The ‘CSA’ in our title stands for climate-smart agriculture.

We work across European supply chains and partners with national, regional and international governments, research organisations, NGOs, entrepreneurs and big business to unlock climate-smart innovation in Europe’s farming, forestry and food sectors.

By reshaping the EU’s farming and food production systems for the future we aim to cut global emissions, boost productivity and biodiversity, grow the low carbon economy and drive global sustainable development.

Established in 2015, CSA Booster is a flagship initiative of Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use programme, sponsored by EIT, a body of the European Union. It is committed to developing into a self-sustainable organisation by 2020 and diversifying its funding.

At the moment, CSAb has a portfolio of over 30 CSA solutions under development.

Our mission

Agriculture contributes 14 per cent of global GHG emissions and is a crucial sector to adopt sustainable, resilient, climate-smart practices.

As one of the world’s largest food producing blocs, Europe’s 12 million farmers, 380,000 forestry owners, its food producers and food retailers all have a vital role to play in delivering to global food security, energy security, climate and UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Accelerating climate-smart technology and innovation in European agriculture not only helps EU farmers mitigate and adapt to climate change but has positive impacts on global food production and sustainable land use elsewhere in the world. Agriculture and forestry are the main industry sectors capturing meaningful amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

CSA Booster is committed to creating a European agriculture sector that:

  • is adaptive and increasingly resilient to climate change, while maintaining high productivity;
  • contributes significantly to climate change mitigation by enabling the reduction or removal of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • can scale climate-smart agricultural best practice not only across Europe, but beyond it.

By 2020, the CSA Booster will work with its ecosystem partners to:

  • Boost agricultural productivity by facilitating investment to improve crop productivity and boost agricultural yields through better use of resources, innovation and cutting food waste
  • Boost climate mitigation efforts by reducing and sequestering global green-house gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture and food supply chains (especially CO2, methane and nitrous oxide)
  • Boost climate adaptation and food security by encouraging sustainable land use and agricultural practices; building farm and forest resilience to climate change and extreme weather events
  • Boost education and understanding of climate-smart agriculture, innovation and best practice

How CSA Booster works

CSA Booster (CSAb) unlocks investment, innovation and collaboration across all aspects of food production and consumption to incubate, accelerate, demonstrate and scale climate-smart solutions for the EU’s agricultural sector.

CSA Booster is led by a group of pioneering agricultural and climate research institutions, companies and experts in climate impact assessment, business model development and policy analysis. Our primary focus is to fill the gap between supply and demand for CSA innovation by incubating scalable approaches and technologies, then helping to bring them to market.

Our ecosystem of diverse CSA partners helps us to identify and assess innovative climate-smart solutions and promote better understanding of CSA.  We promote innovation and investment in climate-smart technologies, and accelerate the adoption of scaleable climate-smart solutions, such as micro-finance and insurance.  Our knowledge and investment helps take research solutions out of the lab and into the field, scale them and support them towards full commercialisation.

Here are a few of the ways we do this:

  • we provide access to a diverse network of CSA experts, solution providers and other CSA stakeholders
  • we focus on testing/co-design and scaling of CSA solutions
  • we cover innovation stages from ideation to demonstration and scaling
  • we cover focus-areas such as soil and ecosystem adaptation, wine and dairy value chains and urban agriculture
  • we provide co-funding and other de-risking mechanisms
  • we share knowledge and understanding of CSA techniques, technology and best practice

Get involved

Please follow us on twitter at @CSABooster and on LinkedIn to hear about our latest reports, news and events.  If you are an innovator, business or research institution rethinking our farming and food systems, we’d love to hear from you.

For membership, sponsorship, collaborative research and business opportunities please contact Pan Pan – Flagship Manager, Climate-Smart Agriculture Booster, and Deputy Director, Sustainable Land Use theme, Climate-KIC at pan.pan@climate-kic.org.


Meet our international team

The CSA Booster works across European agri-food value chains with a multi-stakeholder ecosystem of partners including national, regional and international governments, and over 50 leading EU research organisations, farmer organizations and businesses.

The CSA Booster is led by a group of leading experts from European agricultural and climate research institutions and the private sector.  Meet our international team of experts:

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