Urban Agriculture – Fad or Future: Should tomorrow’s cities grow their own food?

24 Oct - 24 Oct 2018, ETH Zurich, Leonhardstrasse 21, Zurich. Room: LEE E 101

Urban agriculture (UA), or the production of food intended for local consumption within urban areas, has seen a revitalization in recent decades as calls for innovative solutions to both global and specifically urban sustainability problems grow louder. Advocates for the development of UA believe that it is a major step toward increasing a city’s food security and social well-being, while decreasing its carbon emissions and increasing sustainability.

However, these stances are not universally accepted. Many unanswered questions remain:

  • the necessity and feasibility of urban self-sufficiency as a goal,
  • the effect of pollutants on food safety,
  • the realized impact of UA on land-sparing,
  • who actually benefits from UA versus who pays its costs, and
  • what policies must be in place for UA to succeed?

During this Public Round Table selected experts will discuss UA’s successes and failures as well as its future opportunities and challenges in order to inform the public about the manifold aspects of UA.

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