YFood Insight & Innovation Day

11 Oct - 11 Oct 2018, London

Food at Home & in Cities will be the focus of our last Insight & Innovation Day of 2018 in London.

There’s a fierce debate about how people are eating at home. Are they cooking less because of delivery? Are smart kitchens and connected devices making cooking more accessible? How are they getting their food and more importantly, how are cities going to cope with rapid urbanisation, demand for food and more waste? We’ll explore the amazing solutions and innovations that are supporting these movements and how food manufacturers, retailers, landowners and food industry brands can stay ahead of the curve and build purpose into their business whilst still remaining commercial.

This event is NOT a conference, nor a trade show. There’s no walking for hours or choosing which talk to go to out of hundreds. It’s a high energy, fun, dynamic event designed to deliver real business value. We do the hard work for you, using YFood’s experience and expertise to navigate through the complex world of technology and innovation and curate the most exciting, cutting edge and commercial solutions for your business.

This action packed one day event brings you cutting edge insight, straight from the mouths of the ones to watch. Hear from and meet the trailblazers changing the industry. You’ll meet and hear from the Founders of leading Food Tech startups, industry investors and the decision makers from brands who are revolutionising the industry.

A must attend if you want new insights to apply to your own business and the connections to build new partnerships, meet new clients, and find investment opportunities.

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