New guidance unveiled to spur climate-positive action in corporate value chains

3 December 2018

The new guidance will spur climate action across corporate supply chains by allowing companies to report on investments into greening their supply chains.

With support from EIT Climate-KIC, this consortium published a set of practical tools to enable companies to scale climate-positive action throughout their value chains:

  • Value Change in the Value Chain: Best practices for Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Management outlines 7 most effective emissions reduction levers companies can use to reduce emissions in the value chain.
  • Value Chain Interventions Guidance: enables reporting on emissions reductions toward performance targets, in line with common accounting standards like GHG Protocol.
  • Soil Carbon Guidance: demonstrates how to quantify carbon sequestered in soil — a severely neglected source of carbon sinks and a lynchpin in farmer productivity.

More detail on partners and guidance here:

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