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Integrated set of services for our stakeholders

CSA Booster will develop the following services:

  • Climate impact and risk assessment
  • CSA solution assessment and matchmaking
  • Policy and subsidy analysis
  • Value chain analysis and optimization
  • Financing and CSA insurance solutions
  • CSA education and training
  • Project development and implementation:
    • Focusing on testing/co-design and scaling of CSA solutions
    • Covering innovation stages from ideation to demonstration and scaling
    • On focus areas such as soil and ecosystem adaptation impact assessment and M&E tools, wine and dairy value chains and urban agriculture
    • Provide co-funding and other de-risking mechanisms
    • Provide access to a diverse network of CSA experts, solution providers, value chain customers and other CSA stakeholders

Open Innovation Platform

The CSA Booster will create an Open Innovation Platform, including a community of practice and regional hubs, to facilitate dialogue and interaction between key stakeholders, enable the sharing of knowledge and co-creation between solution providers, and provide and promote practical and scalable CSA tools, services and solutions.

The learnings and expertise gained will also be used to influence and improve policies at the local, regional and European levels.

Our partners