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Share your solutions on our ecosystem and open innovation platform

The CSA Booster is creating an online open innovation platform to fill the gap between supply and demand for CSA technologies and services. It will host tools and resources dedicated to climate-smart agriculture. It will facilitate and promote knowledge sharing, collaboration, co-creation of solutions and match-making between key stakeholders.  All learnings will be used to influence and improve policies at the local, regional, and European levels.

Latest developments:

  • CSA regional hubs, established in France, Italy, the Netherlands and the Nordics
  • CSA MOOC (launched in January 2017), webinars and other education resources
  • CSA Open Innovation Platform (launching end of 2017)
  • Online solutions database linked to policy analysis (launching end of 2017)

CSA technical assistance services

CSA Booster provides expert technical assistance services in the following areas:

  • Impact and solution assessment
  • Value chain analysis and optimisation
  • Policy support and subsidy analysis

Project development, co-financing and management services

  • Agrifinance and climate-smart insurance solutions: risk and impact assessment models and data analytics, M&E tools, public-private and blended-return financing facilities, risk-transfer/sharing mechanisms
  • Agtech: tech innovations and solutions in precision and digital agriculture, soil resilience and carbon sequestration, sustainable water and land use and farming practices, aquaculture and urban agriculture

Our growing partner community provides access to a diverse network of leading CSA subject experts, solution providers, major value chain actors, investors, funders and other CSA stakeholders.

Our partners