CSA Case Studies

Current CSA case-studies under development with partners include:

  1. development of a CSA MOOC to accelerate global innovation and knowledge-sharing
  2. development of the Cool Farms Tool (CFT) livestock module, enabling livestock farmers to calculate their GHG footprint; CFT is an on-farm calculator supported by major retail brands
  3. exploring linseed-use in animal feed to reduce GHG emissions from EU dairy supply chains
  4. developing a service for local- and economy-wide assessments of adaptation actions in agriculture
  5. developing soil enhancement products from lignite that improve water-retention and climate-resilient crops
  6. enabling water-use reduction for more sustainable Nepalese rice production
  7. reducing GHG emissions intensity from Turkish dairy supply chains
  8. reducing GHG emissions from Dutch dairy supply chains
  9. best practice and technology development to reduce GHG emissions from EU fruit value chains
  10. quantifying climate risks to specific sugar supply chains to promote sustainable farming practices and mitigate future climate risks for chocolate retailers

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