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EIT Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use theme

EIT Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use theme supports approaches that decarbonise agriculture, making it more efficient and productive. We foster innovation in the bio-economy that builds resilience into global food and forest value chains. We promote integrated, sustainable land use, coalescing disparate needs through partnerships and collaboration.

Key Programmes:

  • Forests
    We support monitoring, restoration and management initiatives to prevent deforestation and degradation and to promote biodiversity. We support innovation that embraces the multi-functional role of forests both as carbon sinks and as natural assets in the bio-economy. Read more about our latest forestry programme developments here.
  • Agriculture and Food Production
    We promote precision, efficient and low carbon agriculture, and integrated cultivation systems that maximise resources and innovate waste out of the food chain. We work to build resilience in forest and food supply through risk services, diversification tactics, and evidence-based planning and management.
  • Integrated Landscape Management
    From maintaining ecosystems services to balancing the diverse demands on natural resources, we take the approach of integrated landscape management to find common ground between sectors, rights, stakes and objectives through adaptive management and shared learning.

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